Full-Stack Code Camp

snippet Monday 20 January 2020

Clear HTML forms with JavaScript

I have seen a good many of people try to clear each form input, after submission, one value at a time. Although this is a very short code example I think it's important to know that you can clear an entire form by selecting the id attached to the form tag.

snippet Tuesday 14 January 2020

ACID Compliant

Is your database ACID compliant? What does ACID mean anyway?

snippet Tuesday 14 January 2020

Big O

In computer science, big O notation is used to classify the complexity of a algorithm.

snippet Tuesday 14 January 2020

Create an array with values 0 to 100 using JavaScript

This JavaScript code will create an array that is 101 in length with values 0-100

snippet Tuesday 14 January 2020

Add a custom method to the JavaScript Array.prototype

Give JS super powers using the prototype object.

snippet Tuesday 14 January 2020

JavaScript Environment Variables (.env)

Why we need them and how to use them.

snippet Monday 6 January 2020

Arrays VS linked lists

The difference between arrays and linked lists can be confusing. This is a very short explanation of each.

snippet Thursday 2 January 2020

Common Git CLI Commands

snippet Wednesday 1 January 2020

JavaScript Functions. New, old and everything in between

Is it just me or is there a bunch of ways to write functions in JavaScript? They all seemingly do the same thing! It is true. There are many options when it comes to function syntax.

snippet Wednesday 9 October 2019

Use array spread to add or change an array item

We need to add or remove items in an array at specific spots. If you're like me you have used .splice() as you got to built in method. I want to let you know that this is not your only choice. You can use the spread operator.

snippet Tuesday 8 October 2019

CSS Box Model

In HTML everything is essentially a box. The box model refers the content, margin, border and padding of each element.

snippet Monday 1 April 2019

Dynamically create audio elements with JavaScript

It can be challenging to work with audio files. Creating them with JavaScript dynamically is a little weird. It took my a bit to get my head wrapped around it but once I did I was able to refactor the code and make a very short easy to understand piece of code for this task.